Achieving defect-free and efficient production is among the main goals for every manufacturing company. With our quality services in the area of QUALITY ASSURANCE, we ensure defect-free parts in production. So quick reaction times, particularly for just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) deliveries, are a given for us. That’s how we ensure that your production line isn’t disrupted, and that no costs are incurred from production downtime.

In this department, our services extend from quality inspections and reworking operations through to industrial measuring and complaints management.

Our aim is to ensure permanent and defect-free support for your production process.


As resident engineers we mediate between the customer and the supplier. We are either deployed to the customer by the supplier or vice versa.

With the help of the resident engineers, we’re striving to improve customer relations and to ensure the prompt exchange of information relevant to the project. This real-time support enables us to recognise project risks early on.


We provide technology for measuring prototypes and serial parts. So we independently carry outtasks of measuring for analysing defects, and we carry out inspections throughout the series production process all the way through to the initial sampling stage. This can be done using our own measuring equipment, by a partner, using the customer’s equipment on site, or in one of our own metrology centres. We provide you with appropriate experts (AUKOM Level 1 and 2) for this.

Naturally, we also produce the necessary measurement reports. All data is documented and archived. These can then also be transmitted online.


With us you get externalsupport for testing metallic components.

This is what our services can look like:

  • Material tests on site at the customer’s premises
  • Carrying out tests such as eddy current testing, dye penetration testing, magnetic particle testing (internal)
  • Procuring material testers, e.g. eddy current testing, dye penetration testing, magnetic particle testing (external)
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests
  • Production monitoring

Defects are recognised by:

  • Computer tomography (radiography)
  • Measuring hardness according to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell
  • Creating polished services and hardness gradient
  • Testing for mixed-up materials
  • Carrying out tensile tests and pressure strength tests
  • Determining impact resistance


With this service we’re ensuring that only defect-free components continue to be processed in the individual stages of production. We carefully monitor your components with firewalls, quality gates and goods filters within the supply and process chain.

Combined with a subsequent analysis, such as the retroactive defect review, we can discover the causes of defects and bring about improvements.


Quality tests on and off site include the testing, sorting and reworking operations for individualor installed components, right up to working on the final product. Achieving zero-defect target and maintaining all production processes are important.

We can carry out quality tests during the production process on your premises or on your customer premises, in interim storage facilities and logistics centres, or in our own quality centres. Upon request, we also take on inventory monitoring, testing damaged transport containers, and much more. We also always ensure a high reaction speed and efficient handling.



We support you throughout the entire complaints handling process and in the introduction of necessary measures:

1. Initiating short-term, medium-term, and long-term measures

2. Analysing defects and analysing the causes of defects (Ishikawa, 5 Whys)

3. Implementing measures and verifying the causes of defects

4. Testing and validating the effectiveness of the implemented measures

5. Lessons learned


Our services:

  • Carrying out test drives to simulate test cases in a real environment
  • Creating and following quality assurance, verification and validation plans
  • Supporting the creation of test specifications and test cases based on specification sheets
  • Carrying out system tests
  • Analysing and documenting test results